Our prices are based on the experience, application time, product coverage, and skill level of each lash artist. More information about our appointments is listed below and explains our Range of Retention and how it equates to our appointments and pricing.  We believe each visit is part of a meaningful relationship.  We encourage you to grow with us.  Please note that as our apprentices gain experience, their time will shorten and the number of lashes will increase.  With their training and experience, their prices will increase commensurate with their skill level.  


All new clients are REQUIRED to attend a Consultation.  Consultation appointments are $25.00.  This fee is non-refundable, however it will be applied to your initial service. Consultations are approximately 1 hour for lashes; and 30 minutes or less for microblading.  

Existing Clients Returning for Lash Extension Services

We understand sometimes life happens.  Surgeries, life changes, vacations, etc.  Thank you for choosing us again.  We welcome you back!   To show our appreciation, we would like to give you an incentive.  For lashes with Lois $100.00 off your full set.


We love that you love your services with us!  Thank you for trusting us by sharing with your friends (and strangers) that compliment your lashes and brows. We will give you $25.00 off your service after your friends come for their initial service with us. We appreciate your confidence in our abilities, quality, and love of keeping you looking beautiful!

Cherie, Kendra & Lilly
(100 lashes per eye)

Full Set            
1.75 hours                 $225.00

Touch-up (1-7 Days)             
45 minutes                 $55.00

Touch-up (8-16 Days)        
1 hour +/-                 $65.00

Touch-up (17-24 Days)         
1.25 hours                 $75.00

Touch-up (24-31 Days)         
1.5 hours                 $95.00

Cherie, Kendra & Lilly
(100 lashes/sprigs per eye)

Full Set         
2.25 hours                 $275.00

Touch-up (1-7 Days)            
1 hour                 $65.00

Touch-up (8-16 Days)           
1.5 hours +/-                 $85.00

Touch-up (17-24 Days)         
 1.75 hours                 $95.00

Touch-up (24-31 Days)         
2  hours                  $120.00

Cherie, Kendra & Lilly
(100 sprigs per eye)

Full Set       
3.0 hours                   $325.00

Touch-up (1-7 Days)    
1 hour                  $90.00

Touch-up (8-16 Days)        
1.75 hours +/-             $110.00

Touch-up (17-24 Days)
2 hours                  $130.00

Touch-up (24-31 Days) 
2.5 hours                 $150.00

Cherie, Kendra & Lilly
(100 sprigs per eye)

Full Set    
3.5 hours                $375.00

Touch-up (1-7 Days)
1 hour                  $90.00

Touch-up (8-16 Days)        
2 hours +/-                 $120.00

Touch-up (17-24 Days)
2.25 hours                 $140.00

Touch-up (24-31 Days) 
2.75 hours                 $170.00

Authentic Mink (1 extension applied to 1 natural lash)  *Not recommended for clients allergic to cats.  This is a natural product. Our most popular lashes are a faux mink listed above.

Full Set add on - Classic Lash only    $50.00
Touch-up add-on - Classic Lash only     $20.00

Bottom Lashes    $50.00    30 minutes

Lash Lift     Consultation/Test Patch $25.00 non-refundable (goes toward your initial service) 20 minutes.   Total initial service: $100.00 45 minutes.  Lash Lift is for natural lash clients only.  The service typically lasts 8-10 weeks when the client maintains the service with proper at-home care. *INCLUDES lash tint in price.  This service requires an initial Test Patch.

A patch test is required for tinting service.
Eyelash Tinting     $30.00    20+ minutes
Eyebrow Tinting    $15.00    20+ minutes
Eyebrow Wax     $20.00    20 minutes
Lip Wax     $10.00   10 minutes
Chin Wax     $15.00    10 minutes

 Lash Removal     $50.00  Typically we will waive this removal fee if you have scheduled a full set with us.  If you decide not to continue with our services, or simply have us remove lashes from other salons, we will help you.  However, if our efforts to dissolve lashes and adhesives from other salons exceeds 15 minutes from the start of the adhesive neutralizer application we must charge the service fee plus an additional fee of $15.00 per 15 minutes exceeding the initial 15 minute service.

Microblading Consultation/Test Patch $25.00 (non-refundable - goes toward your initial service) 30 minutes.
Initial Microblading visit: $400.00.  A 50% deposit of $200.00 is due at the consultation to book the full service appointment.
($175.00 + $25.00 Consultation fee = $200.00 = 50% deposit).  At the time of your full service, the balance of  $200.00 is due.  2.5 hours.
Touch-up visits $150.00 each.  Recommended at 6 and 12 weeks after initial visit and depending on fading.  Touch-ups after 6 months may be subject to an increased cost, no more the cost of the initial visit. 

MicroShading is using the machine to achieve a denser, stippled, powdered/ombre effect. The machine adds more natural dimension, and is recommended for oily skin. It is possible to mix both microblading and microshading; however, the cost of services will reflect the higher price of the two services.

-MicroSHADING Initial Visit: $450.00   3.5 hours     MicroShading Touch-ups   $350.00 each. 2 hours

Our goal is to have your lashes look FULL and BEAUTIFUL!

We strive to have our appointment end with you receiving 100 lashes/eye within our appointment time.

However, we may experience more shedding some times than others.  Possible factors could be:

  • Travel (Airlines are notorious for dry air – which could dry out our bond)

  • New Medications  (The chemistry in our bodies change, and could cause our hair to change too)

  • Excessive Exercise/perspiration (This could erode the lash bond due to sebaceous (oil) and sudoriferous (sweat) staying on the bond too long) We do have a solution!  Our Protective Coating helps).

  • Hormones/Monthly Cycle (Due to chemistry, we could loose more frequently during “that time” Also, if we are low in Estrogen or Progesterone, this could also affect our retention.

  • General seasonal shedding.  Happens 2-3 times/year.  Typically lasts about 4-6 weeks.

  • General cleaning.  Be gentle when washing our lashes.  They are bonded, but they are delicate.

Based on the data we’ve collected, we’ve created a typical Range of Retention.  Please keep in mind we naturally shed 3-5 lashes per day.  Depending on our individual factors, you may retain amazingly or you may shed more frequently. 

Range of Retention based on 100 lashes per eye: 
2 weeks average retention range:  60-100 lashes per eye
3 weeks average retention range:  40-59 lashes per eye
4 weeks average retention range:  20-39 lashes per eye
Less than 19 lashes per eye, please allow us time to apply a full set. 

If your results are slightly lower, and if we have time, we will offer you more time for a fee.  This fee will depend on your service, typically we offer an additional 15 minutes for $15.00. 

Please know, during your scheduled appointment time, we strive to restore your lashes to our goal of 100 extensions per eye.  If you’ve noticed you are in need of extra TLC, please text us ahead of time so we can try to accommodate an extended appointment.  If we have it, we will give it to you!  If we do not have time, we have 1-week appointments available to give you a little extra glam – or we can add time on to your next appointment.  Whichever works best for you!  It is our pleasure to accommodate your request and keep our retention consistent.  We love making your lashes look beautiful!