Mix Full Set.  Our happy customer.

Mix Full Set.  Our happy customer.

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To thank current clients for trusting our work and sending their closest friends and family to us (after they have their first full set of lash extensions applied) we will honor you with $25.00 off your next service.

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"I'd rather go without food than my lash extensions. I can diet. I can't live without my lashes". -Beth

"I can do my nails and my hair, but I can't do my own lashes". -Ashley

"I want you to apply as many lashes as the law will allow". -Beth

Nadia Afanseva, a gold medal winning, world-renowned Russian Volume Master Eyelash Extension Stylist, and founder of the Russian school of eyelash extensions in Saint-Petersburg, Russia had this remark about Lois's work:


Our client Kristen wrote us this awesome note:

Kristen Loves her lashes

From Nicole:

From Pamela:

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