Our passion is in our work.  Our love is in our craft.  We will only apply what we will wear ourselves.  Our standard is extremely high.

 We care about the quality in our application services because you are wearing our best work.  Other places are not as enthusiastic or are doing lashes to make a quick dollar.  We have spent years developing our skills and have taken our education and experience to the next level.  Our work has been inspected by other industry professionals and we have been certified as damage-free providers through ADFEE, (The Association of Damage-Free Eyelash Extensions - featured on Good Morning America).   We know our services aren't the least expensive in town.  But these are your eyes...We care about them and want them to look amazing.  

 Numerous times we've had clients contact us crying because their lashes hurt - or they could not comb though them.  Our hearts go out to you.  It should never be this way.  Our industry is flooded with "Lash Techs" that have no idea they are causing damage to their client's lashes.  Using inferior products not intended for use around the eyes (weave glue or other hair glues); using over the counter flares (only meant for one night); combined with no knowledge of how hair growth cycles work or any regard for allergic reactions - because they did not properly test a client or generally have no attention to detail and literally glue natural lashes together causing a painful mess. Oh, there are so many scenarios with clients being disappointed with their lash services at other salons.  We welcome you to try us.  We encourage you to research our work, read our reviews, talk to our existing clients.  Just because you think it's a bargain (Groupon Lashes?  Please, just don't...) - you may end up calling us  (and paying us) to take off your bargain lashes and replacing them with our lashes.  We strongly suggest you start your lash journey with us and you will never know the pain so many other clients have gone through. 


Our industry is saturated with substandard work.  Even if your tech is licensed and "trained" - have they had an industry professional check their work lately?  Are they really doing damage-free work?  

What makes our service exceptional is any of the above scenarios are unacceptable.  Big chunks of glue are not sexy.  Bases not adhered can cause damage or scratches to your retina.  Long, heavy lashes can cause traction alopecia.  Lashes adhered together is just painful.  We know what causes each of these scenarios, and we won't allow it our practice.  Our attention is in the details.  In addition, we are not about the pain!  

A good indication of your service is if they are up front with you the care and maintenance.  Just cleansing lashes with water isn't going to work.  In our consultations, we share tips to retaining and maintaining a healthy set of lashes.  We also perform a test patch.  Why? because this is a new service for you and would be terrible if you had an adverse reaction and your eyes swelled shut.  Yes.  believe us.  It can happen.  

Lash reaction. - Swelling on eyelids from test patch.  Imagine if she had a full set without testing?  Her eyes would have been swollen shut!

Lash reaction. - Swelling on eyelids from test patch.  Imagine if she had a full set without testing?  Her eyes would have been swollen shut!

We give you knowledge because we care and we want to build quality relationships with our clients.  That is what sets us apart from other salons.  We care about the quality of our work, and we take time to make things right.  Schedule your consultation with us below and become part of our family of happy clients.