At The Lash Extension, we have high standards.  Since 2013, our clients have been wearing our lash masterpieces.  Other salons use different products and have different skill levels which we will not match - we have a reputation for exceptional work that just feels good and looks natural.  With this in mind, we will not touch-up over another salon's work.  All new clients will begin with a fresh set of lashes.  We assure you, they will feel better, look consistent, appear more cohesive, and are naturally beautiful.  If you are thinking of going somewhere else, please don't.  We can help you if your lashes are a painful, stuck together mess.  Trust us.  Read our reviews.  Lashes should never be painful!  We are highly skilled in lash correction and we are able to rehab your natural lashes by selecting the appropriate sizes and thickness to help support the growth of your natural lashes.  Let us care for your lashes.  Good work isn't cheap - and cheap work isn't good.  Tired of raccoon eyes?  Throw away that tube of mascara ad come see us.  #LashExperts