Microblading Eyebrows now serving Augusta and Evans!


Ok, you have asked for it, and we have been trained and certified at The Lash Extension in 3D Brows! aka microblading aka micropigmentation. We have learned the micro-stroking eyebrow embroidery technique taught by permanent make-up specialist,  Master Rita Romo from Baltic Brows academy.  Rita performs a unique microblading method.  We, at The Lash Extension feel it is important to only learn from top-notch, world-renowned master trainers so we may provide the highest quality services for our clients.

Check out Rita Romo’s unbelievably realistic work on a man with Alopecia here

We are so excited to offer this service to our clients.  Alopecia; Cancer survivors; brows that have been over-plucked, mis-shapen, that have gaps, or simply thinning with aging…we can help you regain your brow confidence and create a natural look!  Men, don’t be shy!  We can perform this service for you as well!

Microblading is a semi-permanent application (lasting 6-18 months – depending on your skin) which uses a small tool to create very fine, thin strokes of hair.  It is not a tattoo, (tattoos deposit ink below the dermal layer and are permanent).  Eyebrow tattoos have a tendency to bleed, fade, blow-out, and turn unnatural colors.  Microblading deposits pigment in the upper 2 layers of skin; which means over time the microbladed brows will fade and will need to be re-applied.

Please see our entire webpage dedicated to Microblading for a wealth of information

During this process, some clients may feel a bit of discomfort and others may not feel any discomfort at all.  Pain level is typically associated with a female’s menstrual cycle, therefore we would schedule your appointment 5 days afterwards.

Your custom brow shape is meticulously created just for you!  We will employ a scientific formula that is based on your own face shape; brow bone; inset of your eyes; and hair thickness.

There is no down time for healing.  Most clients return after 4-6 weeks for a touch-up and then they are good to go!  The results are a natural brow that won’t wipe off, that you can swim in and call your own!

Our waiting list is open for this service.  Schedule your Microblading Consultation today.  It will be our pleasure to take care of you! 



Microblading Consultaiton/Test Patch $25.00 (non-refundable-goes towards your initial service) 30 minutes

Initial Visit $400.00 (50% deposit due at consultation) 2 hours 30 minutes

Touch-up visits $150.00 each.  Recommended at 6 and 12 weeks after initial visit. 1 hour 15 minutes

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