The Lash Debate

Beautiful, consistent, natural-looking, damage and pain-free lashes only at The Lash Extension.

Beautiful, consistent, natural-looking, damage and pain-free lashes only at The Lash Extension.

How do you choose the best eyelash extension provider for you?

As a consumer, you have so many options.  Lashes are everywhere.  How do you select who is the right provider for you?  Check out what the experts are saying…

Dr. Oz, here we come!  ADFEE is garnering some national media attention.  Tune in on Thursday, February 20, 2014, and see what Dr. Oz’s Lash Chat is all about.

At The Lash Extension, we are proud to host the first Eyelash Extension Master Stylist in Georgia to be Certified as a Damage-Free Eyelash extension provider.

This is especially exciting because the eyelash extension field is so young and currently unregulated.  We take great care in selecting quality products for our clients.  If we personally wouldn’t use it, we won’t recommend it or use it on you.

There are many lash extension studios around Atlanta, all varying in price.  Please do your homework.  As a consumer, sometimes cheaper is not always better.  Do yourself a favor and pay for quality.  While we love helping our Lash Rehab girls, all of them have stated they wished they would’ve just spent the money and came to us first.  If you love your lashes, trust us to take care of your lash extensions.

We are proud users of medical grade formaldehyde free eyelash extension glue and Xtreme Lashes products.

Aside from stringent sanitation and sterilization procedures, we are overjoyed to learn new techniques and give our clients their absolute best eyelash extensions.

Here’s our little PSA:  If you prefer the feeling of participating in a square dance at the “Lash Barn” -having a different technician (partner) each time you turn around (or come in for a visit) – we are just not that kind of place.  We really enjoy our clients.  And we LOVE what we do!

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